Complete List of Online MPH Degrees and Schools

Public Health can mean a great deal of things, but it can often times be controversial in its presentation. People are aware of health in the public every day but they never usually put the names together as one, without a good community wide health system though this could pave way for many future problems.

What is it?

It’s true that public health is something every community lives by every day but what exactly is it? Well, public health is a list commodities and special health related ideas and substances implemented onto a community by the government in that sector, this could include the implementation of vaccines and other medicine upon rising fears of a community or even country-wide pandemic. Whenever there is a health scare affecting hundreds if not thousands of people across the country or the world the government will react with a prevention system to stop this “disease” before it spreads onto national soils at a predominant rate.

Some people will think that when the government implements these health regulations they are over-reacting but is it over reacting to be safe rather than sorry? Although there is validity in the claims that some of the “vaccines” and other medications may not even work due to the fact some of them haven’t been thoroughly tested. For these reasons alone we need to be sure that every “outbreak” is truly a potential health hazard to a community and you need to make the necessary preventions before such an outbreak is allowed to occur.


There are a few choices in degrees for public health, these will include doctrines and master’s degrees, this is probably one of the public-government related areas where more and lesser than a master’s degree is offered.

  • Bachelor of Science in Public Health: This would be a four year program with an emphasis on nutrition, environmental science, health administration or health information management. Most will go on to join the nursing, dentistry and physical therapy fields of work.
  • Master of Public Health: Generally you can complete your master’s within only two years of study. But the stipulations some schools hold are that you at least have a few years already working in the field of public health under a bachelor’s degree program, the types of stuff offered with a master are medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, nursing, law biology, behavioral sciences or social sciences. There is plenty to do after figuring how you want to join a public health society.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

The kinds of scholarships and aid available for this will vary from college to college, some will offer you a few thousand dollar scholarships but others will offer you to the excess of 80,000 dollars depending on your major and what exactly you’re looking to get into with a public health degree, keep in mind there are many professions within this course of work. You can find certain scholarships in charitable Foundations as well as many professional organizations.


  • Stenberg College
    • 750-13450 102 Ave, Surrey, BC V3T 5X3, Canada
    • (877) 836-2374
  • University Illinois at Chicago
    • 601 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60607
  • National University

    • 2850 West Horizon Ridge Parkway #301, Henderson, NV
    • (702) 531-7800‎‎
  • University of Central Florida

    • 4000 Central Florida Boulevard, Orlando, FL
    • (407) 384-2074
  • Marymount University

    • 2807 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA
    • (703) 284-1580

What is the Average Salary of a person with a degree in economics?

Salaries for this pursuit will range from $37,000 to $87,000 of course this all depends on the kind of degree you have, when you start small you will receive a lot less in terms of the pay grade but once you update that smaller degree to a larger degree you will wreak tons of benefits to not only your financially stability but also your insurance stability. Compensation also varies depending on the kind of experience you’ve earned throughout not only your course of study but what you can and can’t do while on the job.

What are some common public health careers?

  • Certified nursing aides Due to a nursing shortage it is no longer a requirement to have a full four year course of study to attain a degree in the field. Although you will not be paid nearly as much as you will need a bit more on the job training it is essentially the same thing as a regular nurse whilst lacking some of the responsibilities.
  • Clinical Medical AssistantThis job makes you the one responsible for much of the work involved with preparing patients for examinations, checking medical history, keeping a patient informed of all procedures, consistent thing of that sort.
  • DoctorThis is the coup de grace when it comes down to the medical career and is the number one spot in public health. You will provide care for patients on a clinical level; prescribe drugs and an anti-biotic for those who are ill. You will diagnose and treat patients at the best possible levels you are capable of. You will also be in charge of the decisions made in regards to the patient and will make a recommendation based on the circumstances of the patient’s current well being. One of the most important jobs in all of medical and healthcare professions.

When it comes down to the care of a community as a people there can be no limit to what is expect of them. The government will fund hospitals, clinics, and certain vaccines if it is necessary and will implement healthcare where it is needed. Although not everyone’s healthcare is supported it is the job of students and others alike to heal the sick no matter what the cost is.